Accent of Altruism

PhilanthropyPrograms“In a world where there is so much to be done, I felt strongly impressed that there must be something for me to do”
~Dorothea Dix (Social Reformer, 1802-1887)

Once I step out of my home, I witness poverty. After every 2 minutes I see a beggar. I regularly witness injustice. I see scams on the T.V. I see hunger. I feel bad, what I am doing for this vast multitude of problems? Close to nothing.

You can say I am not responsible enough. But I really do not have the power to change Everything. I do what I can. I don’t do much, I do small little acts of kindness. My generation or the Generation Y is too intellectual. We have questions and too many of them. When we look at a poor, our immediate reaction is to think why that person is poor, in India, we curse the country for housing millions of poor. In some other country, we show sympathy, talk among ourselves and move on.

I say, we all should do some humanitarian work. The word ‘donate’ means to Give, with Will. Giving doesn’t always involve money, it means to give anything you can. Volunteer and give your time to the needy. Give away those old used up clothes and toys. Donate money if you are blessed enough to do so.

Why do Charity?

1. SATISFACTION- Believe me, there is no greater satisfaction than doing charity. The peace of mind you get after feeding a hungry child is boundless. You feel good about yourself, a rarity these days. Life is somehow better.

2. HELP- You are saving lives. You are helping those in need. You are giving a second life to people who are less fortunate. A glass of clean water is a life saver for some. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the change you can bring with some efforts. You my friend are an angel to them.

3. Meet New People- When you go out and participate in relief camps and the like, you meet new people. You see what is happening around the world and you notice the extent to which others are going to help some strangers. In short, you make some awesome friends!

4. You make this world a better place to live!

What you get in return?

Nothing and if that question cropped up in your mind, don’t do charity. You never get anything in return when you help some poor people. As Martin Luther King Junior rightly puts it–

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”


Love the Magic of This picture. I know you will Love it too.

Arambol-give-tylickiIt was and it is always your choice because ‘We only have what we Give’ :)

Do you lie?


It is often said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. I agree with this statement totally. I see lies being told by friends, family, politicians and countless number of people every day. I catch myself telling a convenient lie every now and then. Although it is not a life changing lie but is a LIE.
So what exactly is a lie?
When I type ‘lie’ in Google then it gives me, ‘an intentionally false statement’, so is a lie only telling some cooked up story and building castles in the air? I don’t think so. Hiding information is also a lie whether it is doing any good or not.
Truth needs no believers but lies do. We always want people to support us when we are lying. We try to gather as much people as we can in support of our lie. But when it comes to truth, do you need anybody to support you? I don’t think so. If you ask a person whether the moon is real or the sun, what reaction will you get? That person might just think that you are not sane. See? What is true IS true. It is just there. But when it comes to lying then you are deeply concerned to gain supporters.
But the real question is that is lying justified? Why do we lie? How much do we lie? Is it a habit?
I personally think that you can never have a black and white decision to decide whether lying is totally wrong or it is totally right. It has many shades and it is very important to understand all the aspects of it while deciding. My mother told a lie to my aunt when she was suffering from Cancer so that she doesn’t panic. Some might argue that she had the right to know about her life but then life is so unexpected and so short that if even for a short while, we get an opportunity to make a person smile, we grab it. My mother did the same, told a lie for a good cause.
But lying for the heck of satisfying our ego is pathetic and I myself am guilty of such lies. It is so convenient to lie that even when we have an opportunity to tell the truth then we are not sure of it because we are so familiar with the concept of lying. For some it is an addiction and it as lethal as any addiction. Lying makes us weak inside and every day rots inside us until the truth is told.
There was a man who always told lies. One day an old wise asked him that why he always lied and why he doesn’t give it a rest because sooner or later he will get caught. To which he replied that he deceives and lies to a person only once and moves on. He further added that there are so many people in the world that he doesn’t need to a lie twice to a single person. He said that he made a person very comfortable in his friendship and then in the end just deceived him. It was an addiction for him and he was always very confident of himself in that area. This is sad according to me. I am sure nobody wants to be like this sad soul.
So how do we stop ourselves from lying? I would say that self control is the key. Preparing ourselves before the lie hits our lips is of utmost importance. It is one of the elements of staying conscious. If you are conscious all the time of you deeds then you can never go wrong. Catch yourself before you tell a lie. I do that and it is not tough. I just remain silent for some time and the moment passes. It’s that easy. Plus life will take us nowhere with telling lying so it’s better we start telling the truth anyway.
Do you lie?