Media Relations

This Charity Spring blog brings you media relations strategy, how-to best practices, curated content, links and other resources having to do with media relations, multi-channel communications and content marketing.

Go here  for help in designing your own communications plans and to explore PR and marketing strategies in the context of engaging and sustaining major donors.

We used to conduct a regional media campaign called Giving Stories whereby beneficiary charities of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (CT) were profiled weekly on WTNH (ABC-TV for CT), in newspaper columns and on a popular drive-time radio show.

Traditional and new media and especially social media have since reinvented the way information flows through society. The volume, frequency, and diversity of influential voices have transformed “the press” to include a broad, diverse, real-time, and ever-changing group of voices. Also, internal corporate communications can reach new attentive readers and prospective donors with your stories.

Instead of Giving Stories creating content for yesteryear’s few news outlets, one of the objectives for Charity Spring is to help charities share their own stories effectively and consistently through many channels to audiences that matter to them.