No Pun Intended

When the farmers of Haryana (India) were informed about the compensation they were about to receive, they were gratified. The hailstorm damaged the season’s produce and given their only source of income was taken away, farmers were suffering poorly.

A big announcement was made regarding the distribution of compensation. Farmers traveled long distances and spent money to open new bank accounts.They stood in huge queues and braved the weather. The cheques were handed to them at last. What happened next appalled the public.

Source: The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

The cheques given out from the government were of Rs.2, Rs.5 or maximum Rs.50.

Nobody could comprehend the reason for such atrocity. The authorities later confirmed that it is due to the money spent on research and ground work that forced them to retort to such shameful act. The farmers were obviously furious.

When we encounter such instances, what is the first thought that comes to you? One side of me says it is completely our fault to have chosen such leaders who are corrupt and indifferent to everybody else. The fact that they think of stuffing themselves with gold before they even feed the dying people is incogitable. One would think that there is a limit to such things, but there is none.

My other side believes that when normal people like you and me are exposed to such humongous amount of wealth, we tend to sway. We start believing that it is our money and our resources which is insane, but true for them. Our leaders are but human. But this does not, of course, gives them right to loot tax money.

IMG_1126A system change? A new ideology? Is it as easy as it sounds? No, it’s not. It is our responsibility to not just direct anger and hatred towards them, but also show some mercy. To adopt a rational thinking and find solutions in the current context. Dreaming of an ideal world is easy. We need to fit in our dreams in this world and make them possible somehow.

I support young educated leaders & social welfare programs at all levels. I try to be a part of campaigns which are new and aim to help the society, I will also try not to castigate those who want to do something different to bring about a transformation.

Join me :)

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5 thoughts on “No Pun Intended

  1. I wholeheartedly agree Tanushree. A brave reporter in Bangladesh – which has exactly the same issues – pointed out that every time he pays a bribe to the police man who stops him when he is speeding in his car, he is part of the same corruption at the governmental level he complains about in his writings. He made the point that the end of corruption begins with us – not with the corrupt leaders who merely reflect what society takes for granted.

    • Exactly!!

      It is always difficult for the whistle blowers to survive and thankfully India just passed a law protecting them.

      Its always like that, everything starts from me and then it spreads, it can not start with the world and creep into my life, everyday is not christmas :D

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