Forgive & Forget

Being in possession of a forgiving nature is a true gift. Few have it and fewer value it. Forgiving is the most difficult thing for most of the people including me. It takes a lot of courage and understanding of the inner self. Brave (read noble) people always preach about keeping a forgiving nature. It is easy for them because their “senses” are in their control. We sadly lack the power to control our meager 5 senses that God has given us.

Ego prevents us from making the right decisions in life. Very often the heat of the moment ruins everything. We act on our anger and ego’s behalf. To forgive is to show that you are strong. People will not like it. They will still imply that you have some hidden motive behind it, let it be. You are not here to prove yourself as a person. We are living each day to learn. With forgiving comes happiness because right now there are innumerable people you still haven’t forgiven for years. That box is locked up in your mind and is rattling whenever things go too quite inside. Break that box and throw it out of your mind. You are only accumulating negative energy there. Not a good thing, is it?

We say that we forgive, but in reality we don’t. So the next step after you forgive a person is to forget about it completely. If you are able to recall that you have forgiven someone then trust me you haven’t. Engage your mind in more productive things in life rather than keeping an old useless grudge. It will give you nothing in return except for a bad mood. Keep control over your emotions. Don’t let someone else affect you in a negative way. Understand that it is only You who can make changes in your emotions and life. No one else can drive the car of your life. You are the driver and trust me you rock at it. Obliterate something which is not worth remembering. Leave behind only footprints of forgiveness in the sands of time which the water can wash away easily because that is the attribute of a truly noble person.

When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.
-Bernard Meltze

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10 thoughts on “Forgive & Forget

      • Your work caused me not to write a poem that was in my head,because after reading your piece just beforehand, I changed my mind and felt my poem expressed thoughts better forgotten.I then subsequently wrote Tanushree and the Captain.The involved Captain is real,yet a metaphor.In my heart forgiven,but forget is very difficult as the “Captain” is very close in a good way,so separation is extremely difficult. Gets better everyday though,been awhile already, your advice was really spot on beautiful.

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