Silence is underrated in today’s world. There is too much noise. Too many words and too much to say. Why can’t we just shut up for some time? Why do we have to fill in all the voids with words which are not needed? Why is it that people normally can’t meditate? Silence is often mistaken as symbol of weakness of a person, which is Wrong.

I love silence and stillness. You know God is not able to hear you due to all this noise which you are busy creating. Say less and be silent. Your prayers will reach God much faster. Let him know that you care about him too. It is a common perception that silence only means that either the person is dumb not to speak or that person is not interested in what’s happening. While it may be true, I take that person to be amazingly smart. He/she is listening more and speaking less, in short learning more and investing his/her energy less. See the difference? While we are busy creating noise, that smart person is silent. 

There is no greater power than silence which gives you the authority to steer anything in your favor. If you are intelligent then you will know. Great things happen suddenly for you. Like some writer comes up with a book which wins a Booker, for you that writer turned famous suddenly. But for him/her it must have been years since that hard work started. The reason they are so great is because they were silent. They didn’t take a blow horn and announced their presence. They sneaked in quietly and captured millions of hearts.

The trees and the flowers grow so silently and do a noble work of giving us so many reasons to smile. Colossal things happen silently. Silence works like magic. Sit on a beach and just don’t say anything. Hear the nature speak and relish the incredible feeling that comes with being silent. I personally spoke a lot and was a girl of too many words. But then realization struck me that I am losing on so much by creating my own noise and being always busy with thinking what I had to speak next. Always in a rush. I am sure many will relate to it. So change it like me. Life is amazing when you enjoy it with a calm and silent heart that is not rushing towards the next thought.

One of the quotes I love ~

Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish.
~Charles Caleb Corton

So don’t over do it!


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25 thoughts on “Silence

  1. It happens that the most powerful tool of a fundraiser when presenting the opportunity for a donor to make a gift is silence. Always let the donor fill the silence. Always a mistake of nervousness to rush in with, “Of course, if that is too much….” More often than not “the ask” is too little. Silence reveals that.

  2. Oh Tanushree, if people could only learn the power of silence. My students (I teach continuation high school) view silence as an abnormal environmental condition akin to nuclear contamination. They become agitated when things become too quite. Is there any question why in a world of iPods, iPads, smart phones, et al, where we can be continually saturated by the sights and sounds of media, that silence represents a strange void without realizing that the constant stream of noise prevents us from filling our own spiritual voids? Love your blog.
    Peace and Warmth

    • Hi Robert
      Thank you for those kind words.
      I couldn’t agree more. We WANT noise and so we create it. People often get uncomfortable in silence and quickly fill it words and noise. I don’t understand that why a simple thing as silence can not be appreciated by people in today’s world where having silence is a privilege.

  3. Thanks for this, Tanushree. You are right, there’s so much power in meditation. It just takes practice to attune yourself with your subconscious. And yes, that means you have to be comfortable with silence.

    With casual friends, I find it’s hard to be silent. But with people you’re very close to you can often become secure enough to enjoy the silence together. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.


  4. I’m the quietest among my siblings and weaker in my parents’ eyes. I don’t deny that my body is weaker. But I’m still striving. Surprisingly, my sister envy me for having a loving husband and a stay at home wife with freelance work.

    I love to be quiet in observing my surroundings and listen to my friend talks whenever I meet my friends.

    And thank you for liking my post “Gossip to Mayhem”.

  5. I have to work at this. The book Fierce Conversations talks about having silence do the heavy lifting of getting through those difficult buy necessary conversations that change lives. Thanks for the reminder.

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  8. The end quote is absolutely fabulous! Do you notice, however, that the foolish tend to speak and do far more often than the wise? Love this post. Thank you for visiting be-quoted, where clearly, we adore anything “worth repeating.” This is one worth repeating!

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