Cluttered Spaces

My personal experience says that having cluttered spaces in your office or house leads to a disturbed mind. The spaces create negative energy all around them. These spaces are always there at the back of your mind. People often complain of some ‘unknown’ reasons for a bad mood or tension. These cluttered spaces maybe one of the reasons for these unknown anxieties.

Get yourself a bit organized. Have all the spaces cleaned up. Don’t leave any space cluttered. If there are some wires in front of you and they are all messed up then take out 10 minutes from your busy life and get them organized. Don’t leave any files cluttered on your table or office almirah. A clean and tidy space is a symbol of a person who is organized and trust me people notice all these things. Say your boss enters your office and notices the mess. What impression are you leaving here?

Same goes for your home too. Clean up every inch of your den. Know every corner. Trust me you will feel positive and upbeat for some unknown reasons. A cluttered house or a messy wardrobe only radiate negative energy. It is true. If you don’t believe me then try it out. There is so much a clean and tidy space has to give you. It gives you unseen euphoric vibes and you feel more confident. Space out your furniture or anything that you possess. Don’t over do. Have empty spaces to look at. Just because you have the best of furniture or showpieces  doesn’t mean that you have to keep them all.

Have lots of empty spaces. Follow the mantra of  keeping everything to the minimum possible. Spaces and mind you clean spaces will help you in all spheres of life. If you still think that what I am talking about is vague and not true then please try it out. You will see a big change in your mood and life.

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13 thoughts on “Cluttered Spaces

  1. I could not agree more! Too often people in the creative arts justify clutter and disorder. I personally can’t concentrate in a messy space–I need an ordered environment in order to write.

    • Would have to agree with Hidden Passions on this one. For me, disheveled spaces tend to free my mind from the sterility of convention. I write best in disordered environments. But maybe I’m just weird …

    • But then you have a different paradigm. I don’t want to do anything to change that. I have experienced the magic of clean spaces. Maybe you are unique or just different who likes and thinks better in unorganized and cluttered spaces. Your call. I can only reveal what I experience in life.

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