A Selfless Act

How many times in your life have you performed a selfless act?
Let me first throw some light on the ‘dictionary’ meaning of selfless.

Selfless- “Concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish”

When you read the actual meaning of the word “selfless” then you actually start to think to yourself that did you or did you not, ever perform such an act. Right now I am able to count just one. Don’t count in giving money to the poor as selfless. That is something else. Can you remember something? I had a hard time thinking about mine. It is a rarity.

Even if some people are doing charity then most of the times they are not doing a selfless act. It is just an act to show people that they care about the society. Charity for most of them is a tax heaven where they are exempted from paying taxes. While we drop a coin in a box, it is more of a habit. The concept of selfless act is complicated in my opinion. You can never tell if a person is actually doing a selfless act or is trying to even out his acts.

Mostly people like me do these “selfless acts” to balance out our karmas, true story. You do bad and then the next thing you feel like doing is doing something “good” for someone and then you end up doing something. For me that act has hidden motives and it is not “selfless. I am not being negative about people doing those things. But I am just saying that they don’t come under the concept of selfless acts.

An act is selfless when you gain nothing in return. Only a little satisfaction in the corner of your heart is all you can get. As I am thinking and writing, I realize that these are just simple acts which we should do and proudly call selfless. I once carried an old woman’s luggage across the entire length of the railway station. Nobody knows it and you are definitely the first one to know it. I can proudly say that I had no hidden motives but just an intention to help out that old lady.

Why do we have a dearth of these acts? Why are we becoming so selfish and self-absorbed that even if we are doing something good then we have a motive to fulfill? Isn’t it high time that we change our ways?

I feel bad for myself and for millions of other people who are struggling in their self-absorbed life. Something as simple as offering our seat in a metro can also be selfless. Small, simple and thoughtful. These are some keys. These acts may give you a little pain and push you out of your comfort zone, so be it. Do something which is not selfish. It will make you feel blissful. Selfless also means to keep your family happy and spread love even if you are not happy. So that the aura around you is nothing but cheerful. This is the least you can do.


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Now is the time….

to show some gratitude.

I read today’s Patch and it was terrible to read how the Americans are suffering due to the hurricane Sandy. Millions of people are suffering and reports state that 60% of Norwalk citizens are out of power in addition to some other areas as well. But what is important is that people survived. Now is the time when we should thank God that not many lives are lost. Important is the fact that you are alive and you survived the worst hit that your country has ever witnessed.

Although the loss of power is seen as a huge problem there, I encounter it everyday. I just had a power cut for 3 hours and it is a routine here. So India is quite used to it. We have had power cuts for 2 days straight and we still smile and carry on. If we don’t have an air conditioner to sleep  then at least I am the one who keeps a “crazy” frame of mind and thinks that the air conditioner is working and I sleep. You know cribbing doesn’t help. So I flip the situation around and make it work MY way.

I know the whole situation is pathetic. But keep a positive frame of mind and DO things. Help yourself and help others in need. Don’t lock yourself up. Show some gratitude to God that you survived this natural disaster. Pass on a little thank you to God to show that you are truly grateful to God for keeping you protected throughout the night. You too can have a “crazy” frame of mind and see things differently. Add some humor and keep your family and friends hopeful and cheerful.

This is definitely not the end. Pick yourself up and Start doing things to make situations work Your way. Don’t let some power cuts or flood affect you or your family. See it as an adventure and as a challenge from God to learn how to survive. Show God that you are worth all the protection he has given you all night. Aren’t you happy that you are fine?

Have a rigid (read optimistic) frame of mind and don’t let some hurricane shift it even an inch. You are the master of your own life. So go ahead and steer things your way. Make everything work and spread some hope around. Help people. Now is the time when God is judging you for the character that resides in your heart. Show him it’s a noble one :)

I love what  Anne has to say about the frame of mind-

I am impressed with what happens when someone stays in the same place and you took the same picture over and over and it would be different, every single frame.
~Anne Leibovitz

See? Every angle is different for the same situation. Stand in a corner where optimism blows your mind.

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