New Developments for Charity Spring

First, thank you for being here. The Charity Spring community we have engaged in this past year or more is inspiring to us and hopefully invigorating for you.

Our website will be undergoing changes in the coming weeks with new blogs, new themes, new ideas.

One initiative we plan to throw ourselves into is We R 1 Voicea project founded by Mo Pleasure a few months ago.  We R 1 Voice encourages young people, established artists, and charitable causes to collaborate to inspire awareness and build solidarity across and beyond the social web.

We R 1 Voice is an Advisory Council of leaders in the music and related industries who will help ignite creative confidence and channel the best of We R 1 Voice artwork into their respective spheres of influence. 

We R 1 Voice is a Youth Advisory Council of young people and organizations involving youth in leadership roles who are here to guide the development of the We R 1 Voice platform and to welcome their peers to join them in this global endeavor.

If any of this interests you, please let us know.

▶ I Am Malala: the power of music to help make Malala’s courage and message known

▶ I Am Malala (Official Music Video) – YouTube.

Malala Yousafza was shot point-blank in the head (and survived) working to give voice to girls who were banned by the Taliban from being educated in her home country of Pakistan. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and she continues today (despite continued death threats) to inspire people worldwide to stand up for what they believe and deserve. Here is an excellent music video that both shares this important story for the benefit of the Malala Fund and tells its own story for its modesty. Try as you may (I did) you cannot discover who these girls are who made this video, as brilliant as this song is. They are intentionally anonymous. They want you only to consider Malala’s story, message and appeal. That also takes a special brand of courage. Their collective reserve is just as rare and inspiring as Malala’s daring.